#28 Daily Speedpainting: Offerings to the sea

My last entry for Daily Speedpainting group on facebook.
Link: Daily Spitpainting Group


Just having fun turning the last sketch into Clicker from The Last of Us.


Merry Christmas

I didn't do Christmas card last year so wanted to do something this time! Decided to go with the most ridiculous idea... anyway... Merry Christmas Everyone and a Happy New Year!

Space Docking Bay

The Witcher in the ImagineFX

There is an article about the art secrets behind the Witcher 3 in the current issue of the ImagineFx magazine.  I have been mentioned here and there. Bartek Gaweł (http://bartekgawel.blogspot.com/) did the amazing cover and you can find step by step tutorial how it was done inside.

More info here:

Am I adult now?

I'm 26. Don't feel adult at all. But geez I'm old.


Just another piece for the Infusion project.

Infusion: Fud Rayile

Epic Battle

Witcher 3 : Fiend

One of my concepts I did for upcoming The Witcher 3 have been published In the last issue of Edge Magazine.

You cand find the informations about this issue here: Edge Magazine issue255

Daily Exercise #13

I didn't paint any personal stuff for a very long time. Maybe except some really crappy doodles or simple studies. So I'm trying to get back to painting personal stuff on a daily basis...

The Witcher 3 Environment Concept Art

 Here are three more concepts I did for the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Environments this time. I'm not that happy for these as I was for the Ice Giant, but still  I think that will be nice to show them. I used photo textures to speed up the process.

The Witcher 3: Ice Giant

So this is final Ice Giant concept for upcoming  the Witcher 3 game. Finally I'm able to show this here.


The Art Of The Witcher 3: Designing The Ice Giant

Game Informer Magazine published short article and a video about designing the Ice Giant. Our Lead Character Artist talk a bit creating this guy for Witcher 3. I was warking on design of this guy. I did the final concept and a lots of production sketches and variations.

Link to the material: Game Informer Article

Witcher 3

New Witcher game have been announced, so I can finally say that this is the project that I'm working on right now. Still have hope that this part will be greater than the two previous ones. This will be hard becuse  both of them are really great games (but also very different). Maybe someday I will be able to show some of my stuff from this project. That would be nice. Cheers!

More info here:
Game Informer

Average Necromancer

Lunch crunch 1h speed.



The first illustration this year will be a piece I did a while ago at the beggining of this year. This piece will be for polish version of the βehemoth book written by Peter Watts and published here in Poland by Ars Machina. Yo can see final version with typography on their site. Pose of these characters was really a pain in the ass...