Karl Oskar

Karl Oskar Lööw. After photograph by: Einar Erici from 1933.

Daily Exercise #12

Nightmare Walk

Last days of summer

It's almost winter, but... sunny days are still in my mind. I painted these pices during the last days of summer.

Eric Stanley

There is some very talented guy playing on the violin. Eric Stanley. He is posting some videos on youtube. This image is based those videos. Trying to combine realistic style and simplicity.


Something slightly different than usual.

Daily Exercise #11


I should do more bots...


Daily Exercise #10

I was trying to speed up the process without using any textures. Only custom brushes.

Darth Maul

1hour speedpainting.


Just a fan art I made more than a week ago. Spend maybe one and a half hour on this.

Planet of the apes

Clint Eastwood

Orc Hooligan

1h speedpainting

Daily Exercise #9

Recent quick studies.


Finally I have time to post some recent news. First one is quite important but second one maybe not so much but I'm still excited like a child or something.
For more than a past year I had been working for Platige Image, but since march I moved to CDProjekt RED Studio. People behind first and second Witcher game. I'm quite excited about that and enjoing the time here :). I didn't have time to post or even paint personal stuff mainly because of that but also relocation to another flat (but still in Warsaw). Finally everything is ok now.

The second news is that I was mentioned in french publication called Book of Creation. It is a compilation of artists from all around the world and there are some really great artists like Maciej Kuciara, Ben Mauro, Daniel Dociu, but also some of my friends like Michał Dziekan, Przemek Kotyński and Michał Migacz. If you speak in french you can find some informations and buy it here:  Link


I usually don't like rendering images for days or something like that, but this one was quite fun actually. I recently decided to do some a little bit more finished personal pices than my last ones. I'm still working on this big guy but it is really close to be finished.

Daily Exercise #8


Daily Exercise #7


I recently received a cd digipack from Right?. Hardcore Polish band. I did the cover and other images for their new release. Maybe I'm not fully satisfied wit this images but this looks pretty cool as a whole. I hope you enjoy it. And You should definitely listen some of their songs.

You can find their Myspace here


Just testing some brushes downloaded from the web...


Skinny Vampire

New Year

First image on the blog this year . I hope that this year will be even more fun and great than the last one!