Flying Hipster

Dead Santa

It's just beacuse of Christmas Day. Happy Holidays!


No Face

From Life Drawing Sessions

These are some drawings from life drawing sessions in which I took part for the past weeks


This is just imagined woman. I definitely should work more on anatomy of her head.

Before Final Image

I'm usually doing that kind of thumbnails before i'll start struggling with the final piece.

Marine Concept



Draw Or Die

I've decided to post this video here. Because I've been there. Because I've enjoyed that time. It was four amazing days in Berlin.

Skull Study

Sumo Illustration

This is a piece that I've worked on some time. It's probably still not finished, but I've decided to let it go.



Some sort of Sparth inspirated environment.

Gas Mask


Bloody Mess

This is just a sketch for weekly speedpainting on

Postapocalyptic Characters

Drawings from sketchbook

New story...

Finally I've found some free time to tace care of this blog. I've decided to clean a little bit and delete old crappy pieces. There is also a new design. Finally it looks in the way that I want. Hope you like it.
I'm lack of free time seriously. Don't do too much personal stuff. There are some works to finish but honestly nothing to show right now.


This piece I've done half year ago. I don't know why I didn't post it here. So I think it's time to catch up on.

Sketch #2

Sketch #1