The Witcher 3: Triss Merigold

Another Concept Art from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

The Witcher 3: Yennefer

So after a long break I decided to finally go back to posting stuff. Hopefully more regularly right now. Since yesterday a lot of articles and videos about Witcher 3 showed up I thought that posting Yennefer image would be a nice idea. Design is not mine. I think most of it was basically done by Bartłomiej Gaweł and Jan Marek. I just had an opportunity to do this kind of mood illustration for this character.


Environment Sketch

Into the Pixel

One of my concept art was chosen for Into the Pixel show at E3. I'm really honored!
 Worth to look at all of those great pieces.


I'm actually never posting stuff other than my sketches, final pieces or info about my work or other similar stuff which is basically about me. Could be boring for some people :). So decided to finally change it and post something interesting and worth mentioning. Today it will be Paul Richard's Blog. There is a lot of knowledge, boobs and nice looking sketches. I'm writing about it just to let you know (for some people cold be usefull on their way of learning how to draw) and a bit for myself - to not forget about it.

#36 Daily Speedpainting: Dancing Angels

Yesterday's speedpainting for daily speedpainting group. Maybe cliche, but was fun to do and I'm seriously thinking about finishing it.

B&W Sketch

#30 Daily Speedpainting: Lady of The Thorns

First post in 2014. It's just a 30 minutes sketch for the Daily Spitpainting group on facebook, but...

#28 Daily Speedpainting: Offerings to the sea

My last entry for Daily Speedpainting group on facebook.
Link: Daily Spitpainting Group


Just having fun turning the last sketch into Clicker from The Last of Us.


Merry Christmas

I didn't do Christmas card last year so wanted to do something this time! Decided to go with the most ridiculous idea... anyway... Merry Christmas Everyone and a Happy New Year!

Space Docking Bay

The Witcher in the ImagineFX

There is an article about the art secrets behind the Witcher 3 in the current issue of the ImagineFx magazine.  I have been mentioned here and there. Bartek Gaweł ( did the amazing cover and you can find step by step tutorial how it was done inside.

More info here: